Patricia Brooks, Principal


PatriciaPatricia Brooks is on the front lines of communicating clients’ messages through both traditional and new media sources on a daily basis. She started MatchMap Media in 2010 to help clients determine the best media strategies to reach their intended audiences.

Patricia Brooks has placed stories in every major national newspaper, including front page features in the Washington Post and New York Times, and booked guests on countless local, national, and international radio and television programs. She spends most of her time consuming news and thinking about story ideas, and she has a constant urge to pitch people whom she meets that have good stories for the media regardless if they are clients or not.

Prior to starting MatchMap Media, she worked for a small public relations firm (Kelley Campaigns and RenewComm), a large public relations firm (Hill & Knowlton), a non-profit (Center for a New American Dream), a local newspaper (Sun Newspaper), and interned inside National Public Radio and other local television stations. She has also done promotions for local CBS radio stations in the area. After spending time inside a variety of different organizations, she understands the inner workings and can relate to the challenges and opportunities that each present. In total, she has a decade of experience specializing in strategic media relations, and loves it every day.

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