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Last week we shared with you Alan’s article on social media as a predictor of electoral strength. Gov. Scott Walker had a significant drop over the past two weeks in engagement on Facebook. In an hour, he’s slated to have a press conference in Madison, WI, where the New York Times has predicted he will withdraw his candidacy from the Presidential race. It seems the drop in social media engagement was a good predictor of his campaign’s demise. __ Photo of Scott Walker from Creative Commons.  

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Week 2 of USA Today’s power rankings for the GOP presidential candidates are out and, even more than last week, they track closely to the candidates social media buzz. Last week I provided an analysis of how much Facebook buzz the candidates were generating. You can see how well it tracked with the Week 1 Power Rankings in the page snap below. As one of the experts voting each week for the Power Rankings, my focus is to base my rankings on the candidates’ social media performance data. This week, the final Power Rankings almost perfectly match the growth of the candidates’ Twitter followings. The top six candidates in the USA Today Power Ranking are also the top six for Twitter growth. While we discourage relying predominantly on vanity statistics (like followers) alone for measuring social media impact, given that the early campaign season is a popularity contest, audience growth does matter. That said, we still need to keep in mind engagement metrics (in this case represented by Klout scores). This week’s follower growth numbers also track closely with those, too. Check back here over the course of the campaign for more updates and analyses like these. For my part,…

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September: Creating a 21st Century Women’s Movement We are excited to announce that on Wednesday, September 16 we are launching turner4D’s NEW Seize the Conversation Discussion Series. Understanding an organization’s requirements and analyzing how its tactics compare with others in the marketplace is an essential building block for an effective strategy. To find the right formula for an integrated campaign, organizations will need to employ a variety of techniques to determine what their unique path to the success will look like. Through the new Seize the Conversation Series, our Turner team will help advocacy and public-policy organizations explore how to create smart, hard-hitting progressive campaigns that impact regulatory processes, as well as build offline and online communities. To accomplish this task, the Series features experts that will share their knowledge dealing with every nuance of developing and executing an integrated strategic approach to communications. The inaugural event in this new Series will focus on how to create a 21st Century Women’s Movement. The event features three panelists: Ritu Sharma—Turner4D’s newest Principal, Author of Teach a Woman to Fish, and Co-founder and former president of Women Thrive Worldwide; Celinda Lake—President of Lake Research and Partners; and Sandra Pepera—Director for Gender, Women…

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Candidate buzz on social media and in search engines has emerged as an interesting metric for gaging how well the campaigns are doing. Back in 2008, for example, while the last opinion poll in the field predicted that Barack Obama would win the New Hampshire primary, Yahoo Buzz correctly predicted Hillary Clinton would win. Unlike the polls, which were wrapped up by the Sunday before the Tuesday vote, Yahoo was able to measure the number of searches for Clinton up until the polls opened. Even after removing searches for Hillary crying in the diner, which Yahoo assumed included a lot of people who thought Hillary was faking the tears, she had such an uptick in search queries that helped the Buzz Index predict her victory.  Since then, more attention has rightfully focused on the levels of online buzz about candidates as a measure of how well their campaigns are doing. Read more about the GOP candidates’ current standings – as measured by the intensity of citizen engagement with them on Facebook – in the rest of Alan’s post at Social Media Today. — Alan Rosenblatt, Ph.D. is Sr. VP of Digital Strategy at turner4D and a 20+ year veteran of digital politics….

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Obama & Biden tour a solar energy facility in Nevada.  Image from CreativeCommons.org. With Pope Francis’ recent Encyclical on climate change and President Obama’s fresh focus on the environment, turner4D finds itself back on familiar territory for some new clients. Our new work includes: The Wilderness Society is a leading American conservation organization working to protect public lands across the U.S. as havens for recreation and learning, sources of renewable energy, clean air and water and habitat for wildlife. With help from Turner and our strategic associate Lake Research Partners, TWS is advocating for clean energy production on public lands to reduce carbon emissions. Similarly, Second Nature — a non-profit coalition of more than 650 university presidents committed to reducing carbon emissions and promoting resiliency — is working with Turner and Lake on a campaign to sharpen their brand and expand their network, in part through new communications tactics. It is a promising time for these organizations to be launching new initiatives, and the U.S. presidential cycle could provide an additional boost. Our research has shown that there is a new bipartisan support for protecting the environment from pollution, and for encouraging clean energy production, which is already being reflected…

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