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After a three-decade career, Weird Al Yankovic has made it to the Number 1 album spot on the Billboard 200 chart. This is also the first time a comedy album has made it to the top spot since 1963. Weird Al was able to accomplish this through a relatively simple plan: understanding how people consume music in 2014 and delivering it to them. By turning to the internet and producing content that was fun to consume Weird Al wasn’t pitching his album to anyone, he was providing a service. To create excitement about his album, Weird Al announced that he would be putting out 8 new parody videos over the course of 8 consecutive days. On launch day there was much anticipation, and Weird Al delivered with a hilarious video called “Tacky”, parodying Pharrell Willam’s song “Happy”. Yes, his parody of the original song was great. Yes, the beat is fun to clap along to. But this isn’t what matters to the masses. He provided an incredible source of entertainment in video form that could be shared through social media with the click of a button. And then did the exact same thing the next day, with an equally great…

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You have been tasked with developing a social media program for your campaign or organization and you want to know where to begin. Sure, the obvious first steps are to create you social media channels (which, of course, includes coming up with a message strategy and name for your Twitter account, Facebook page, and any other channels you decide to create). But once you have your brand channels and message strategy in place, it is time to start building your core social media community. Most people will start looking outward to do this, but I suggest you start by focusing inward and organize your colleagues.   (Click to read the rest of this article)

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Want to understand what content works well on Facebook? Check out the free Inspire tool provided by ActionSprout. ActionSprout, which provides a great application that adds campaign-type actions to your Facebook page and collects your fans’ email addresses as they take the actions, offers a free tool that helps you understand what wall posts make successful Pages work. Whether you use it to assess your own Facebook Page or someone else’s, the Inspire tool is a goldmine of insight.   (Click to read the rest of this article)

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The legend goes like this: There once was a social media website called Orkut. One day, some Americans on it started complaining that there were so many Brazilians on it. The Brazilians said, “Oh yeah?” and proceeded to really take over Orkut. And since then, if you want to reach a Brazilian audience, say about saving the rainforest, you joined Orkut. Orkut was the classic example for teaching people to go where their audience is. (Click to read the rest of this article)

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07 Jul / Content Curation

Content curation — the art of gathering, repackaging and redistributing relevant, high quality information that advances an organization’s mission — has never been more essential than in today’s digital-driven world. To better understand curation, compare today’s digital content curator to a museum curator. Museum curators select artwork for an exhibit from among the museum’s own collection (often archived in the basement) and from borrowed collections; they decide which pieces to hang in each gallery; what order to hang them; how to each piece and the exhibit as a whole; and even how to market the exhibit. Where content curation was once focused on aggregating content to populate websites, blogs and newsletters, today it also feeds our social media channels. And given social media’s real-time speed, the pace needed for effective content curation is accelerating. In order to meet this growing demand for speed, the curation tool market is exploding with new applications and web-based services that make it easier to find, reframe and republish content at breakneck speeds. While everyone seems to focus on content curation shortcuts, turner4D helps you take a step back in order to re-engage strategically with your curation. Good curation requires old-school news judgment, persuasive communication…

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