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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the marshmallow test and how it relates to social media strategy. In particular, how does the balance between instant gratification and delayed satisfaction play out when trying to grow your Twitter audience? On the instant gratification side, there is the option to buy your Twitter followers. How often has someone followed you with a bio like this: “For $39.99, you can buy 50,000 followers.”  I am always struck by how few followers people selling followers usually have. Do they know something we should know? Do they know that the followers they are selling are newts?  (Click to read the rest of this article)  

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Recently the website reddit.com received much attention due to President Obama hosting an Ask Me Anything. Given this heightened attention, we would like to offer some tips in case you would like to host your own Ask Me Anything (AMA). An AMA is a Q & A event forum on reddit.com and can be found under the IAmA subreddit. Subreddits are smaller communities on reddit that focus on a specific topic. News, World News, Knitting, Feminism, Pictures, Funny, and DataIsBeautiful are some examples. A person or organization can host an AMA and announce it to the reddit community by posting “I AM [insert name or position here], Ask Me Anything” in the IAmA subreddit and then field questions from a curious audience of redditors. An AMA provides a direct and open forum among a host and their fans, as well as new and unfamiliar audiences. Essentially, it is an instant conversation with anyone who cares to learn more about you. This process also provides content to reuse within your organization and to share with future audiences. Below are the basic elements of what you need to know to conduct a reddit AMA:   Engage in Conversation An AMA connects you directly with…

Back in the mid-90s, online advocacy was born. In its original incarnation, CTSG (Carol Trevelyan Strategy Group) was building custom applications to send email to Congress. Within a year or two (1996), Capitol Advantage launched CAPwiz, the first off-the-shelf online advocacy tool for organizations to create campaigns. These platforms, and the many competitors that followed, allow organizations to create mini campaigns websites that match activists ZIP codes to their Congressional district and allow them to send an email to their Senators and Representative with just a few clicks. Organizations can also pre-load the email text to make it easy to take action, and then use the built-in Constituent Relations Management (CRM) to create a targeted email list and send. (Click to read the rest of this article)

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A level playing field for the Internet got a powerful boost last week. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) threw his support firmly behind protection of net neutrality in any new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decisions on regulation of the Internet. Senator Reid anticipates a fight. There’s a lot of money and power at stake in how the Web will be defined and regulated in the coming months. Will the Internet become a private market for information access? Or, will it remain a globally linked and open public square? No doubt, every member of Congress has noticed the popular level of interest about equal access to online communications. Over a million comments have flooded the FCC. Open Internet advocates are demanding that equal access be the guiding principle of any updated regulatory framework. The dual strategy of pressuring both Congress and the Executive Branch has worked. A rally of public interest voices has created the political space to engage with our government on policy. So now that we have the attention of people in power, how do we get the open Internet that we want? Political space — the time and interest of elected leaders — is not guaranteed to last. We need to…

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This is the story about President Obama special campaign strategy; specifically, it is about the new you-pay internship being offered by former Obama for America 2012’s field team leaders. Under the name 270 Strategies, Jeremy Bird and Mitch Stewart’s one-year old political campaign firm is providing a 5-week internship, where you’ll be placed in a current electoral campaign for $5,000. Sounds like great pay for an intern until you realize the intern has to pay 270 Strategies and the campaign gets the labor for free. (Click to read the rest of this article)

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