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While most of the media are focusing on ISIS’s use of social media to post gruesome pictures and slick videos, The Atlantic took a deeper dive into how ISIS is gaming Twitter. It appears that ISIS is following several of the strategies and tactic I have laid out in previous posts, here and elsewhere (I am not claiming they read me rather that ISIS is paying attention to best practices that have been developing for many years). (Click to read the rest of this article)

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It was hard to miss the giant mechanical giraffe grazing on the White House lawn last week. For the first time ever, the President organized a Maker Faire–inviting entrepreneurs and inventors from across the USA to celebrate American ingenuity in the service of economic progress. The maker movement is a California original. Think R2D2 serving margaritas to a jester with an LED news scroll. The #nationofmakers Twitter feed has dozens of examples of collaborative production, of making, sharing and learning. But since this was the White House, I still had to ask myself, what would the maker movement be if the economy was not the starting point? What if it was about civics? What if makers decided to create a modern, hands-on democracy? What is democracy anyway but a never ending remix of new prototypes? Last week’s White House Maker Faire heralded a new economic bonanza. This revolution’s poster child is 3-D printing– decentralized fabrication that is customized to meet local needs. On the government front, new design rules for democracy are already happening in communities, where civics and technology have generated a front line of maker cities. But the distance between California’s tech capacity and DC does seem 3000 miles…

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Welcome to the turner4D blog. This is the place to discover what the turner4D team is up to and learn the best practices in the ever-changing and dynamic communications strategy sector. While many of the traditions of message development and press outreach, for example, remain unchanged, developments in digital and social media are creating new opportunities and changing the calculus for success. turner4D’s team comprises some of the top communication strategy thinkers. Our team includes veteran journalists, seasoned message strategists, earned media maestros and digital and social media gurus. And we want to share our expertise with you in this blog. So tune in as we post the latest publications from our team, give you our perspective on new developments in online and offline communications strategy, as well as share with you the best articles we find about these topics. We think you will like it. And please check out our About Us section for more information who we are and what we do. We hope to be informative, illuminating and at (all) times entertaining as we seize the conversation and bring it to you.

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Turner Strategies; DBA Turner4D is looking for a new Director for the DC Office. The Director will be responsible for developing and executing strategic communications plans and campaigns and to help with expanding the company’s reach to Europe. We just opened an office in Switzerland and we are looking to expand to Austria and Greece. This is a great opportunity to be part of a growing and dynamic team of talented strategic communications professionals.  Our firm’s mission is to help clients seize the conversation across online and traditional media channels to achieve their goals. Part of the Director’s responsibilities will include: Developing, executing and budgeting communications plans and campaigns for client accounts Supervising and providing day-to-day strategic guidance to other staff working for those clients Writing proposals, contracts, strategy memos, and preparing reports for clients Working with reporters nationally and overseas Being able to advise and provide integrated communications plans where social media integrates with client’s messaging strategy, earned media, and overall goals Organizing press conferences and other events Supporting business development Qualifications: Five- plus years of experience in agency and nonprofit world, primarily in advocacy work Extensive knowledge of social media platforms and analytic tools, including specific examples that…

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