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With Valentine’s Day approaching, I was recently asked to share some insights about showing social love to your activists for Attentive.ly. Check it out: Showing a little bit of social love to your activists is the secret sauce to keeping them engaged and likely to keep them doing more for your campaign. While sometimes that may mean a retweet or a share of one of their posts, other times just liking a Facebook comment or a tweet is enough to elicit a smile from them. That way, even if their post does not rise to the level of being share-worthy, you can simply like it to show your appreciation without adding their post to your timeline. This is very important, because while it is always a best practice to reinforce social engagement, sharing/retweeting everyone who engages with you may dilute the effectiveness of your own timeline. Having the flexibility to show some love without diluting your impact is one of the greatest assets social media offers to any campaign. —– To read more about showing social love for Valentine’s Day (and everyday) read the full blog post, featuring advice from other social media experts, on Attentive.ly. —– Alan Rosenblatt, Ph.D….

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Trump’s masterful move to shun the Fox’s broadcast of Thursday’s Republican debate grabbed headlines and sound bites. What are we political communicators to make of this? Trump is a tyrant and a showman, using his exceptional publicity skills to dominate the spotlight. This delights bad boys and girls everywhere. But was that his real goal? Or was he stupid like a fox (the animal, not the network) in giving the chattering classes a focus other than his bullying sound bites? Watching the Trump-less debate, we finally saw more substance than name calling. Then it became clear that Trump’s diva tantrum was NOT about grabbing the spotlight, but avoiding the substantive grilling Cruz, Rubio and others had prepared on his fuzzy governing details. We progressives may not agree with the conservative agenda. But the men left on the stage have serious governing proposals to implement that agenda. Without Trump, the debate allowed a closer view of real politicians’ proposals for fighting Islamic extremism, undermining LGBT rights and women’s access to healthcare, and ensuring Americans never lose the right to assault weapons, no matter how many school children are mowed down. The top issue, however, was immigration. None of the policies are…

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In the tradition of turner4D’s work building enterprise-level social media programs for news media outlets, think tanks and advocacy groups, we now have a fully developed service offering for universities, colleges and large academic units within them. Our services include introductory and advanced social media training for faculty and strategic training for the school’s marketing team, as well as a fully articulated strategic plan.  We believe that an enterprise-level social media program that integrates a school’s brand channels and the personal channels of its faculty is now an essential tool for turning good research into real policy solutions that get implemented. By effectively coordinating social networking activities to raise the profile of the research and the general reputation of the school, universities and colleges can improve their recruitment and retention of students and faculty, as well as better position the school and its faculty as a “go-to interview” for the media and a more attractive recipient for research grants. For more of our thinking about this, check out our Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy Alan Rosenblatt’s (@DrDigiPol) latest column at SocialMediaToday.com.

POSITION DESCRIPTION TITLE: Spring 2016 Intern LOCATION: Washington, D.C. SUPERVISOR: Washington D.C. Vice President COMPENSATION: Yes SUMMARY: The Intern will be responsible for assisting the turner4D team in research, editing, and generally supporting the company’s efforts to fulfill their clients’ needs. In addition, this individual will also assist in managing online accounts, including the company’s website and social media pages, and fulfill administrative duties. RESPONSIBILITIES for turner4D -Compile press lists, monitor news and send alerts to assist in media campaign outreach efforts -Prepare weekly digest memoranda to inform clients of relevant news and internal progress -Assist monthly company newsletter -Work directly with Principals in client related matters -Under the guidance of the Vice President, serve as the project manager of pro-bono campaigns and small projects -Assist in the creation of official turner4D documents by providing editing and research assistance -Under the guidance of Turner’s Sr. VP of Digital and other Turner members assist managing social media accounts, support associated accounts, aid in client accounts as needed, and meet weekly with turner4D’s senior team to discuss growth strategy -Attend conferences, seminars, and panel discussions as directed -Prepare and create promotional materials, including posters, powerpoints, infographics, and videos -Assist turner4D’s Finance Director as requested -Assist…

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Did your organization make a New Year’s Resolution to beef up its social media presence? If not, maybe you should consider adding that to your list. And far be it for us to ask you to make such a commitment without offering you the support you will need to be successful. turner4D specializes in helping organizations take their social media program to the next level. Whether your organization is an advocacy group, think tank, media outlet, university or any non-profit or business focused on making social change for good, we can help. We can help you develop and implement a brand level social media strategy and program that not only leverages your good name, but also the expertise and reputations of your people to ensure that whatever sector you work in you will be among the most prominent thought leaders in it. And, with this post, we offer you help in developing the arguments you need to pitch your boss for the authorization and budget to create an enterprise-level social media program. The hallmarks of an enterprise social media program turner4D can help you develop include: Fully built-out and staffed brand-level social media channels A robust participation of staff experts…

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