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The search for the Grail has consumed many a person over the past two thousand years, both fictional and real, so much so that “searching for the Grail” has become a meme more universal than even naming every American political scandal “-gate.” What makes the search for the Grail such a powerful meme is its combination of being a lofty goal that no one has yet achieved. In the world of social advocacy and politics, in my opinion, the so-called Grail is the ability to fully understand the downstream influence of your campaign’s social network. When Buzzfeed announced its new analytics technology last April, POUND, I thought, for a moment, that they had found the Grail I seek. Not quite. That is not to say that POUND is a failure; quite the contrary. POUND is a stunning advance in social media metrics. But it does not go as far as I would like. To read more of Alan’s analysis of POUND, please see his article in Social Media Today. __ Alan Rosenblatt, Ph.D. is Sr. VP of Digital Strategy at turner4D and a 20+ year veteran of digital politics.  He writes every other Tuesday for Social Media Today, where this post originally appeared.

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WASHINGTON__turner4D has been working behind the scenes for almost two years to develop and implement digital strategies for dealing with the rise of violent extremism. That quiet engagement will change Sept. 25-26 when Turner participates in a Washington conference at which technologists and peace practitioners collaborate on online tactics to counter the type of violent extremism that is ripping apart the Middle East and North Africa, while unleashing a flood of refugees unseen since the darkest days of World War II. Managing Director Sid Balman and Senior Vice President for Digital Strategy Alan Rosenblatt will lead Turner’s delegation at Peacehack DC, organized by Creative Associates International, a Washington-based international development organization. Peacehacks will also be held at the same time in Lebanon, Spain, Sri Lanka, Colombia and the United Kingdom. Mr. Balman will participate in a panel discussion that kicks off the event, along with Dara Katz, Deputy Executive Director of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Secretariat for Countering Violent Extremism; Olive Wilcox, a deputy policy chief in the State Department’s Bureau of Counterterrorism; and Elizabeth Hume, senior director for Programs and Strategy at the Alliance For Peacebuilding. Paul Turner, a senior conflict advisor at Creative Associates, will moderate…

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With Scott Walker’s exit from the GOP presidential race, USA Today chose to feature its four-week-old GOP Power Rankings on the front page. The rankings, as we have reported earlier, comprises the votes of 30 political experts, among them turner4D’s own SVP of Digital Strategy Alan Rosenblatt, Ph.D. Alan has been basing his votes each week, to a large degree, on the candidates’ social media performance. Last week, Alan predicted that Scott Walker’s days were numbered based on his precipitous drop in Facebook engagements over the past couple of weeks. The top editor at USA Today agreed that there was something very interesting going on and that the GOP Power Rankings deserved a higher profile, specifically the front page of both the print and online editions today (September 9, 2015). Alan joins 29 other experts each week as they rank the GOP candidates for USA Today. See the image below for a full list of the political experts voting on the rankings and check in each Tuesday for the latest results at USA Today’s OnPolitics.   __ Alan Rosenblatt, Ph.D., is the Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy at turner4D.  

Last week we shared with you Alan’s article on social media as a predictor of electoral strength. Gov. Scott Walker had a significant drop over the past two weeks in engagement on Facebook. In an hour, he’s slated to have a press conference in Madison, WI, where the New York Times has predicted he will withdraw his candidacy from the Presidential race. It seems the drop in social media engagement was a good predictor of his campaign’s demise. __ Photo of Scott Walker from Creative Commons.  

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Week 2 of USA Today’s power rankings for the GOP presidential candidates are out and, even more than last week, they track closely to the candidates social media buzz. Last week I provided an analysis of how much Facebook buzz the candidates were generating. You can see how well it tracked with the Week 1 Power Rankings in the page snap below. As one of the experts voting each week for the Power Rankings, my focus is to base my rankings on the candidates’ social media performance data. This week, the final Power Rankings almost perfectly match the growth of the candidates’ Twitter followings. The top six candidates in the USA Today Power Ranking are also the top six for Twitter growth. While we discourage relying predominantly on vanity statistics (like followers) alone for measuring social media impact, given that the early campaign season is a popularity contest, audience growth does matter. That said, we still need to keep in mind engagement metrics (in this case represented by Klout scores). This week’s follower growth numbers also track closely with those, too. Check back here over the course of the campaign for more updates and analyses like these. For my part,…

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