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megaphoneIt takes more than good press lists to get media coverage in today’s noisy information environment. To be heard, you need a message that stands out from the crowd and you need a creative mix of offline and social media outreach to deliver your message to the press. Our media strategy has been honed over many years and will get you the coverage you need to succeed.


icon.twitterbirdish Social media is your primary point of audience contact, spreading your message, driving people to your website, and energizing the conversations that matter to you. A strong cross-web strategy is essential for leveraging the internet to raise public awareness, build strategic communities and mobilize support for advocacy and fundraising. And social media sits at the center of it all. Our social media strategists give you the best chance to succeed in this ever-evolving world by providing expert program evaluation and planning to help you create powerful enterprise social media programs and campaign strategies.


icon.newsWith the explosion of the number communication channels, the challenge is to “feed the beast.” It is no longer enough to simply write and publish a report. You have to create multiple packages suitable for distribution over multiple and distinctive channels. Where a fully developed report may appeal to some of your website readers, many people are looking for “snackable” content. We create strategies for sustainable content distribution, including infographics, charticles, videos, photo memes and other “snackable” content to maximize the impact of your message.



Great opportunities arise in the face of policy crises. Whether your goal is to mobilize action to effect policy or to recognize opportunities to raise money, you need to be able to use your communications and online assets to launch and sustain effective campaigns. We help you build campaigns that target the right audiences and move them to action.


icon.2peopleWe are committed to building a “car you can drive” long after we are gone. The difference between good programs and campaigns and bad ones rests on the skills of the people who implement them. Good communicators may be born with talent, but it takes training to become truly effective. Communicating via different media requires different skills. What works on Twitter does not necessarily work on Facebook. What works in a speech won’t work as well in an interview. No matter how good a communicator you are, our trainings will make you better.