25 Jul / Alan Rosenblatt Waxes on the Through the Noise Podcast


Alan Rosenblatt (@DrDigiPol) Waxes on the Through the Noise Podcast: 

As many of you already know, our Director of Digital Strategy Alan Rosenblatt (@DrDigiPol) has worked in the digital political strategy industry and its offshoots since the birth of the Web. He recently gave an interview for the #ThroughTheNoise podcast with Ernesto Gluecksmann. Alan talked about how he got into the field, what we are doing at turner4D and general trends in the industry. They talked for a half an hour and were able to dive deep into it.

For example, Alan talked about the 4D… that turner4D is all about building sustainable strategies, programs and campaigns for our clients. We measure our success, in part, by how much capacity to carry on we helped our clients develop. While many firms look for ways to make you dependent on them, we want to help you build programs that will serve your mission for years to come. If you want us along for the ride, we will be there to help you. But if you want to strike out on your own, we want you to thrive doing so.

                                                                                                               So check out Alan’s podcast and let us know what you think.


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