Mozilla Foundation Maker Party Category: Education, front, Gender Imbalance in the Digital Space, International Development, Net Neutrality, Social Media, Web Literacy


Earned media campaign, social media campaign, web literacy, net neutrality, gender imbalance  in the digital space, education and international development

Mozilla Foundation

Requirement: To develop strategy and employ earned and social media to raise awareness in target countries and regions of the world about the Maker Party campaign as well as the underlying policy issues with which Mozilla is engaged, with the goal of obtaining signups for Mozilla’s Webmaker project and raising Mozilla’s reputation as a thought leader on issues including web literacy, net neutrality, gender imbalance in the digital space, education and international development. Created in 2012, Maker Party is an annual international effort led by the Mozilla Foundation to raise awareness for and teach the world about the aforementioned topics. By hosting and helping others host “maker parties” focused on a range of topics, including web content production, community building, basic programming and web safety, Mozilla Foundation aims to teach individuals to become makers of the web, putting the internet’s future in the hands of users.


Operating in several languages, the turner4D team designed a sophisticated international campaign combining earned media across all platforms with state-of-the-art social media tools and techniques in an integrated strategy that delivered high impact on target audiences worldwide and unmitigated success for Mozilla. It included providing a steady flow of strategic guidance on the use of social media during the campaign, development of proprietary social media content, tool kits and other media materials, building lists of social media and print influencers in related subjects and use of all corresponding channels of social and print media to drive audiences to Mozilla’s Webmaker account sign-up page and Marker Party events. This was achieved by coordinating efforts on multiple platforms and working with partner organizations such as the MacArthur Foundation and the National Writing project in the United States as well as scores of other governmental, non-profit, educational and commercial partners in countries around the world, using specific hashtags and trackable links to ensure accurate metrics. Also using our own social media networks via @DrDigipol (with 40,000+ Twitter followers) and @Fem2pt0 (17,000+ Twitter followers), Turner staff successfully executed a complex effort on a global scale, resulting in powerful impact on desired audiences and beyond. Turner’s earned media outreach at the hyper-local, state, national, and international levels, combined with our pinpoint-accurate targeting of vital influencers on social media significantly raised awareness of Mozilla’s Maker Party campaign, drove huge traffic to the right website, generated buzz on the internet and tens of thousands of web sign-ups.


In the space of two months, Turner contacted 834 individual reporters representing a vast range of general interest and niche media, resulting in: hundreds of original media pickups in print, broadcast and blogs from every corner of the globe, and 48.8 million people reached through Twitter. With about 93,000 new sign-ups for Webmaker accounts during this campaign, we more than doubled the number of Webmaker accounts from the previous three years. Above all, the Turner Maker Party campaign fortified Mozilla’s reputation around the world as a thought leader in the evolution of the internet – a lasting deliverable that will pay dividends for Mozilla for years to come.