American Association University of Women (AAUW) Category: Media Relations, Strategic Communications


Requirement: In 2010 the American Association University of Women (AAUW) released the report “Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics,“ which showed that women were under-represented in science and math. The report had found that although women have made gains, stereotypes and cultural biases still impede their success.

The AAUW wanted to publicize the report in such a way that the importance of women entering the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics would make its way into the stories that would naturally focus on the results of the research.

Solution: turner4D response was two-fold. First, the Turner team reached out to the media in order to make the issue publicly known. In April 2010, turner4D released  and pitched the new research entitled, Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to over 500 national journalists who report for newspapers, magazines, blogs, television, radio and other media outlets.

Following the April release, turner4D arranged a magazine luncheon for editors and reporters of major national magazines and blogs located in the New York area that target women as well as education, science and technology issues.

Results: Stories were successfully seeded in The New York Times, Time Magazine, The Washington Post, Fox News, The Boston Globe, Education Week, to name just a few. Twenty-eight journalists attended the luncheon that featured a presentation of the new AAUW research on how to bring more girls and women into STEM fields. Mae C. Jemison, M.D., former NASA Astronaut, physician, and the first African American woman to travel in space presented the results of the research conducted by AAUW. The Executive Director of AAUW, Linda D. Hallman, CAE, and co-authors Catherine Hill, Ph.D and Andresse St. Rose spoke at the event. Also the KIWI Magazine ran a five-part series entitled, “Your Daughter: Rocket Scientist?