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Sector:  Media

Organization:  Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation


The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation was having difficulty garnering publicity for the results of an important study on people in the United States who live with paralysis and spinal cord injury, and turned to Turner for help. Partnering with the University of New Mexico, the Foundation conducted new research using a telephone survey of over 33,000 households in the United States – the largest known disability survey ever.  The findings were stunning, revealing that 1 in 50 Americans live with paralysis – over a million more than previously known.


Our first step was to package the story in a way that made it viable across all media, particularly video-driven platforms. To that end, Turner produced stories and local interviews with disabled Americans that ran on nearly 100 television stations. The rest of our efforts revolved around reaching out strategically to our enormous network of newspaper, web and radio reporters, and in some cases providing exclusives to such “media drivers” as Good Morning America.


The overall result was a homerun for the Reeve Foundation, with more than 50 million media impressions. All of the major newspapers, networks and blog sites covered the story, with multiple placements in some outlets. CNN, Fox News and Univision carried live segments on the survey. Particular care was taken in our messaging to respect the sensitivities of the disability community, and as a result there was not even a murmur of protest.