Interaction and the ONE Campaign Category: Campaign, Human Rights, Human Rights, Non Profits


Sector:  Campaigns and Advocacy

Organization:  Interaction and the ONE Campaign


In the wake of 9.11, promote the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals, an ambitious set of poverty reduction targets, by raising awareness about the importance of effective foreign assistance and increasing spending for overseas aid activities.


Members of the Turner team assisted in the creation and implementation of two interlocking campaigns that harnessed the power of more than 200 US foreign assistance groups, the voices of more than 3 million constituents and the appeal of celebrities such as the Irish musician Bono. Working with Interaction, the largest American alliance of overseas aid groups, Turner staff helped build and implement the Global Partnership for Effective Assistance; which raised awareness about the work of its nearly 200 members and rallied its constituents to press Congress to raise funding in seven core accounts that encompassed the work of its member-groups. And working with a coalition of NGOs, financed by the Gates Foundation, Turner assisted in creating the ONE Campaign, an international effort to end extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa.



The Global Partnership for Effective Assistance helped convince the Bush administration and Congress to raise foreign assistance by the largest amount since the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe in the wake of World War II, through unprecedented increases in the “7 Core Accounts” and the creation of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, which provided big aid packages to nations that met governance standards. Interaction employed earned media, social media, public opinion research, advocacy and message training, content and congressional outreach to achieve its goals. The ONE Campaign was a key partner to the Global Partnership in organizing its 3.5 million constituents to support poverty reduction efforts. The ONE Campaign played a major role in convincing the Group of 8 leading Industrialized nations to double funding to fight poverty and disease in Africa, and helped secure more than $100 billion in debt relief for poor nations.

Photo Courtesy of:  Courtesy of Karl Grobl