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Organization: Sprout Fund


To develop and implement a communications strategy that employs earned, and social media strategy to raise awareness in Pittsburgh and across the nation about Sprout Fund’s work, and specifically about the Learning Pathways Summit and the Kids+Creativity Network Assembly. An additional goal of the project was to raise awareness about Sprout Fund and Pittsburgh’s role as a hub of innovative education and digital learning – a hub that catalyzes community change, and makes the region a better place to live, work, play, and raise a family. By hosting and engaging education events like Learning Pathways Summit and the Kids+Creativity Network Assembly, Sprout Fund aims to create a community of individuals and organizations who want to support Pittsburgh’s evolution into that national hub.


The turner4D team designed a local, regional, and national campaign combining earned media across all platforms with state-of-the-art social media tools and techniques in an integrated strategy that influenced target audiences. It included a steady flow of strategic guidance on the use of social media during the project, development of social media content, tool kits and other media materials and distribution of these materials to Sprout Fund and its key partners to guide them in the use of social media. Our team provided key talking points and prepared Sprout Fund’s CEO, Cathy Lewis Long, for media interviews. Finally, members of our team attended the Learning Pathways Summit and the Kids+Creativity Network Assembly, where they managed interaction with media and live-tweeted both events from Sprout Fund’s Twitter accounts. Through Turner’s systematic work, we were able to reach niche and mainstream media, expanding regional and national awareness of Sprout Fund and its efforts.

During this period, we used specific hashtags and trackable links to ensure accurate metrics. Also using our own social media networks via @DrDigipol (with 40,000+ Twitter followers), and Fem2pt0 (with over 21,000+ followers), Turner staff successfully executed a complex effort, resulting in powerful impact on desired audiences and beyond. Turner’s earned and social media outreach significantly raised awareness about Sprout Fund’s overall work and mission.


In the space of two months Turner contacted key local, regional, state, national and international reporters representing a vast range of general interest and education-focused publications. This resulted in earned media placements in various outlets, including an Education Week cover story highlighting Sprout Fund’s extraordinary work, an exclusive story at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, another story with Ed Tech Digest and more. Through our social media efforts we touched more than 800,000 accounts and aggregated close to 5,000,000 impressions.

Above all, Turner’s strategic work raised Sprout Fund’s reputation around the targeted region as a thought leader in the evolution of digital education.