09 Jan / Self-Publishing is a Must for PR Campaigns

Check out the latest column from Alan Rosenblatt, our SVP of Digital Strategy, on the importance of including self-publishing into your PR strategy. It is no longer enough to focus only of earned media. Placing stories in the press is great, but many times self-publishing on your blog or a social blogging site can produce more and better targeted readers.

From “Social Advocacy and Politics: Earned Media vs. Self-Publishing for Public Affairs”:

Since the birth of the public relations industry, placing stories in the media – otherwise known as earned media – has been a central focus of PR professionals and clients.

But the truth is, earned media is but one tool for achieving your strategic goals. With the rise of self-publishing platforms – your own website, blogs and social media – the opportunity to put your story out there in an unfiltered form is a persistent option, though there’s been resistance to such self-publishing, especially among PR firms’ clients. But times have changed and self-publishing can often provide a bigger impact than placing a story in the mainstream press.

Read the rest of this column here.


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