10 Dec / Social Advocacy and Politics: 6 Reasons to Take Your Organization’s Social Media Program to the Next Level


social network 2You might think that we are so deep into the social media age that every advocacy organization, policy think tank, news media outlet, political campaign, university, association, charity and foundation already fully embraces social media and optimizes their use of it across their organization. This is not true. While some organizations have developed a full-scale, enterprise level social media program that leverages all of their assets and the available tools, many more have created some portion of such a program and some are still dragging their feet to get such a program off the ground. Regardless of how far your organization has gone in this direction, you can still take it to the next level.

Alan’s latest piece in Social Media Today lays out a nice argument for why organizations and campaigns should have a robust enterprise-level social media program. Read it in its entirety at here.

One of turner4D’s strongest service offerings is to help organizations create an enterprise-level social media program. We do everything from helping clients develop social media strategies, policies and infrastructure, training their entire staff to be effective parts of the social media program, and providing ongoing support to organizations to ensure their social media programs are effectively advancing their missions.

We are always excited to talk with you about how turner4D can help take your company’s social media program to the next level.  Just send us an email or give us a call!


Alan Rosenblatt, Ph.D. is Sr. VP of Digital Strategy at turner4D and a 20+ year veteran of digital politics.  He writes every other Tuesday for Social Media Today, where this post originally appeared.

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