22 Sep / turner4D’s Alan Rosenblatt Among Experts Featured on Front Page of USA Today

With Scott Walker’s exit from the GOP presidential race, USA Today chose to feature its four-week-old GOP Power Rankings on the front page. The rankings, as we have reported earlier, comprises the votes of 30 political experts, among them turner4D’s own SVP of Digital Strategy Alan Rosenblatt, Ph.D.

Alan has been basing his votes each week, to a large degree, on the candidates’ social media performance. Last week, Alan predicted that Scott Walker’s days were numbered based on his precipitous drop in Facebook engagements over the past couple of weeks.

The top editor at USA Today agreed that there was something very interesting going on and that the GOP Power Rankings deserved a higher profile, specifically the front page of both the print and online editions today (September 9, 2015).

2015.09.22 USA Today Power Rankings Front Page Story Wk4

Alan joins 29 other experts each week as they rank the GOP candidates for USA Today. See the image below for a full list of the political experts voting on the rankings and check in each Tuesday for the latest results at USA Today’s OnPolitics.

2015.09.22 USA Today Power Rankings Contributors Wk4



Alan Rosenblatt, Ph.D., is the Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy at turner4D.  


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