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We help our clients tell their stories in ways that resonate with the audiences they need to move to achieve their goals.

  • Research
  • Messaging materials
  • Work with staff to integrate messaging into organizational materials
  • Message & presentation training
  • Speech and thought leadership planning



When the country’s foremost cloning scientists developed foolproof techniques for livestock cloning, the biggest threat to commercializing the technology came from within the meat and grocery industries. In addition to managing crisis communications, over six years Turner worked with the client and a research team not only to develop appropriate messaging but also to constantly track public opinion and knowledge of the issue. We briefed the leading trade associations on the findings in an on-going way. The knowledge that public attitudes were being monitored went a long way to reassure jittery stakeholders.

The Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration hired Turner and team member Lake Research Partners to test new offerings by the agency, as well as to track media and online attention to various issues.

Catholics Mobilizing Network

The organization affiliated with the Catholic Church long known for organizing the laity against the death penalty approached Turner with a new mission. CMN had been working with parishes, institutions and individuals to encourage embracing restorative justice techniques – an encounter in which offenders and those harmed and related members of the community meet face-to-face. CMN had already conducted considerable research but they wanted more actionable language for use both by Catholics and social justice stakeholders. Turner partnered with firm KRC Research for this work.






Suzanne is an adept and empathic messaging expert; she builds on a deep understanding of audience needs.

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