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February 3, 2022

TURNER TALK: 2022 The Year Ahead for Progressives

Our first 2022 Turner Talk brought together progressive organizing greats Heather Booth and Marvin Randolph and progressive media consultant Will Robinson. The Zoom panel was attended by nearly 60 progressive leaders. Things look grim: 29 Dems retiring from the House, many gubernatorial seats too close for comfort and the Senate hanging by a thread. Meanwhile, we are fighting tooth and…
July 9, 2018

Branding: Keep it Simple and Genuine

Branding can be a painful process. Everyone has an opinion. I know of one organization that had such a difficult experience refreshing their brand and logo that it cost them a couple of board members. So, it pays to have a professional, either inside or outside your organization, manage the process and help it move as smoothly as possible. Christy…
March 15, 2017

Company News!

We are proud to congratulate the talented and amazing Senior Vice President Violet Tsagka as she moves to a new position at Creative Associates International. Violet will be joining the international aid behemoth’s creative team as a Technical Manager II. Among other things Violet will be working on the firm’s digital media projects. In other exciting Turner news, Abigail Shirley,…
January 29, 2017

PT Barnum Runs For President: the Queen of Snark Talks Back

Trump’s masterful move to shun the Fox’s broadcast of Thursday’s Republican debate grabbed headlines and sound bites.What are we political communicators to make of this? Trump is a tyrant and a showman, using his exceptional publicity skills to dominate the spotlight. This delights bad boys and girls everywhere. But was that his real goal? Or was he stupid like a…
December 8, 2016

Looking Back on the Year: turner4D in 2015

Season’s Greetings to you, our friends and colleagues! We’re grateful we’ve had the chance to work and interact with you this past year.  The photos above are a collage of some of our office highlights of 2015, featuring our staff, partners such as Peter Metzinger and Celinda Lake, and clients including Population Services International (PSI), CapPlus/Khushhali Bank Limited, The Wilderness Society, and…
technology chip up close, red
September 23, 2015

Turner Helps Lead Anti-Extremist Hackathon

WASHINGTON__turner4D has been working behind the scenes for almost two years to develop and implement digital strategies for dealing with the rise of violent extremism. That quiet engagement will change Sept. 25-26 when Turner participates in a Washington conference at which technologists and peace practitioners collaborate on online tactics to counter the type of violent extremism that is ripping apart…
Digital Strategy
September 8, 2015

T4D Lecture Launches New Discussion Series

September: Creating a 21st Century Women’s Movement We are excited to announce that on Wednesday, September 16 we are launching turner4D’s NEW Seize the Conversation Discussion Series. Understanding an organization’s requirements and analyzing how its tactics compare with others in the marketplace is an essential building block for an effective strategy. To find the right formula for an integrated campaign,…
Digital Strategy
July 14, 2015

Assessing Scott Walker’s Campaign Launch on Facebook

Photo by Michael Vadon. CC. Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin announced yesterday that he is running for the GOP nomination in the 2016 Presidential race.  Walker received an intense reaction on Facebook from his supporters, second only to Ted Cruz.  The up-swell yesterday of social media activity on Walker’s Facebook page was impressive, however he lagged in total Facebook engagements…