Dominique Medina

Dom is an 8th generation Latino in the United States and he prides himself in being part of the generation “in-between” when it comes to technology. This means he can remember a time when cell phones didn’t exist or he looked forward to buying a CD to see the design of the cover. After graduating from Arizona State University with an art degree in 2007, he went on to work at the Arizona Attorney General’s office as their digital content creator where he won the “Best Overall Website” award from the Conference of Western Attorneys General (CWAG). That’s when he realized that a good website could improve people’s lives by connecting them to resources.

Dom is a musician and a filmmaker too. At SUN Digital, his biggest motivation is being able to create digital media that looks awesome and inspires people to action. In non-COVID times, you’d most likely find him at The Lost Leaf in downtown Phoenix chasing a good band or with a team plotting their next participation in a film challenge.