Joel Finkelstein

Joel Finkelstein has over 20 years of experience using creative communications for good. As Chief Strategist at Brightstone Strategy, he specializes in capacity building, creative campaign design and breakthrough strategies on climate, energy and the environment.

Joel has extensive background in organizational positioning and branding, and is a proven innovator in online outreach to elite audiences and target constituencies. He brings extensive expertise and a strong reputation with the national and international environmental media corps.

Before starting Brightstone, Joel was a Managing Director at Climate Advisers, a consulting firm that works to deliver a strong low-carbon economy. He designed and implemented the communications strategy for the campaign that is transforming the commodity agriculture sector – the source of a third of global climate pollution. He focused on communicating with global elites in media, government and civil society about climate diplomacy going into the Paris Agreement, and designed a message strategy focused on changing the realm of the politically possible. Also at Climate Advisers, Joel conducted a comprehensive strategic analysis of how the environmental community could leverage sophisticated data and analytics.

Joel spent six years at Fenton Communications, where as a Senior Vice President and head of the firm’s energy and environment practice he led the nationwide roll-out of the Pew Charitable Trust’s 50-state analysis of the clean energy economy – which has permanently changed the discussion over green jobs. Before Fenton, he worked at the National Environmental Trust, ran a rapid response and tracking operation for a state Democratic Party and served as Press Secretary for Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY). He received a Master’s in Campaign Management from George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management, and a B.A. in Political Science from Columbia University.
Joel makes jokes on twitter about the politics of the environment, and the environment of politics, at @joelfinkelstein. Learn more at