Zulema Rodriguez

Zulema Rodriguez was born in Puerto Rico. Zulema served as the southwest field coordinator and healthcare organizer for Service Employees International Union (SEIU). During her time at SEIU, Zulema implemented nationwide field strategy holding elected officials accountable in their support for a comprehensive immigration reform and other issues that directly affect underserved communities.

She was the deputy national director concerning mass incarceration for the Center for Community Change until early 2016.

She is currently the vice president of the board for Phoenix Allies for Community Health focused on health justice and provides free healthcare to immigrants and refugees.

An active environmentalist, Zulema’s current projects include the Cosecha Healing Collective. She founded Cosecha to serve as a safe space where community members and leaders congregate, create; work through their collective pain and anger so they can channel it in constructive ways. The space and people honor their ancestral healing and learn from each other. Cosecha Healing Collective is Zulema’s response to the 2016 electoral cycle. Cosecha has become a place for research, connecting the dots and incubating emerging groups like Apache Voters (indigenous Voter mobilization) and Tomorrow We Vote focused on shifting the narrative in high schools).

Building the Puerto Rican voting bloc in the states and supporting sustainability efforts in Puerto Rico has also been her ongoing focus.