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June 1, 2015

Pay Attention to

Here at turner4D, we are paying a lot of attention to lately. is a great tool for getting to know your audience’s social media interests better. And knowing what your audience is focused on when they tweet, wall post, tumbl or pin will help you tailor your messages to their interests. takes your email lists and matches…
February 3, 2015

Social Advocacy and Politics: Proceed with Patience, Late Adopters Develop Later

While last week I cautioned against using old frames of reference when discussing things that have been transformed by new technology, this week I want to highlight the exceptions, the veritable flip-side of the coin. Where in developed countries the smart phone has transformed the notion of a phone, in the least developed countries, the transformations are happening on a much…
August 7, 2014

10 Tips for Hosting a reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Recently the website received much attention due to President Obama hosting an Ask Me Anything. Given this heightened attention, we would like to offer some tips in case you would like to host your own Ask Me Anything (AMA). An AMA is a Q & A event forum on and can be found under the IAmA subreddit. Subreddits…
Digital Strategy
July 7, 2014

Content Curation

Content curation — the art of gathering, repackaging and redistributing relevant, high quality information that advances an organization’s mission — has never been more essential than in today’s digital-driven world. To better understand curation, compare today’s digital content curator to a museum curator. Museum curators select artwork for an exhibit from among the museum’s own collection (often archived in the…
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June 25, 2014

We Need a Citizen Maker Movement

It was hard to miss the giant mechanical giraffe grazing on the White House lawn last week. For the first time ever, the President organized a Maker Faire–inviting entrepreneurs and inventors from across the USA to celebrate American ingenuity in the service of economic progress. The maker movement is a California original. Think R2D2 serving margaritas to a jester with an…