A collage of images featuring turner4D office highlights from 2015.

Season’s Greetings to you, our friends and colleagues!

We’re grateful we’ve had the chance to work and interact with you this past year.  The photos above are a collage of some of our office highlights of 2015, featuring our staff, partners such as Peter Metzinger and Celinda Lake, and clients including Population Services International (PSI), CapPlus/Khushhali Bank Limited, The Wilderness Society, and The Hamptons YogaFest.

We invited our team reflect on this past year and asked them to write some twitter-friendly responses.  We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did writing them.  If you want to join in the fun, tweet us your own responses to a few of the following questions using the hashtag #TurnerTalks!

What was your most memorable moment at the company this year?

– @DrDigiPol’s impromptu Twitter training to a group of Indians in Connaught Sq. New Delhi. #TurnerTalks – Sid (@sidbalman)

– Brainstorming with @InterActionOrg on a legislative strategy for #foodsecurity so there’s #no1hungry. #TurnerTalks – Diana  (@dohlbaum)

– I have tried to remember the most memorable moment of 2015 at @turner4D, but I forget. #amnesiac #TurnerTalks – Alan (@DrDigiPol)

– Had a great time conducting the #volunteer training at @PSIimpact–loved the high energy & humor everyone brought to the table! #TurnerTalks – Lauryn (@GutzyLo)

– Happy @turner4D is a @CapPlus__ client to grow @KblLtd marcom team! Oldest & largest #microfinance bank in #Pakistan #TurnerTalks – Suzanne (@SuzTurner)

– The dinner after the #PeterSinger event at @FoundingFarmers #DC with the team! #TurnerTalks – Mattia (@MBuetikofer)

If there was only one issue you wanted to focus on in 2016, what would it be?

– Make sure that paid paternity leave is not a luxury but an option for every family in the #US. #TurnerTalks – Violet (@Violet__T)

– Putting an end to #GunViolence by treating guns like cars: license, register, insure. #TurnerTalks – Diana  (@dohlbaum)

– Equal rights (black & white, but also #LGBT) #TurnerTalks – Mattia (@MBuetikofer)

– The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. – Sid (@sidbalman)

– The 1 issue I most want to work on in 2016 is preserving memory. For “those who fail to learn from history are… umm… oops.” #RickPerry #TurnerTalks – Alan (@DrDigiPol)

– Paid #FamilyLeave is of critical importance. We’re only hurting the US by not providing employees a platform to build strong families. #TurnerTalks – Lauryn (@GutzyLo)

– Let’s drop the blinders or our white privilege and work for a just world where #blacklivesmatter. #TurnerTalks – Suzanne (@SuzTurner)

 What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

– #New Year #2016 #resolution BE HERE NOW w/ #gratitude and #givingback. #TurnerTalks – Suzanne (@SuzTurner)

– Do more #photography! It’s my passion & joy. Now…who wants a photoshoot? ? #TurnerTalks – Lauryn (@GutzyLo)

– My New Year’s Resolution is to actually complete my 2015 resolution. Let’s see how that will go! #TurnerTalks – Violet (@Violet__T)

– Get back on a sensible #exercise routine for #health and #wellness ! #TurnerTalks – Diana (@dohlbaum)

– I wrote my New Year’s Resolution down so I would not forget it. But I don’t remember where I put it. #TurnerTalks – Alan (@DrDigiPol)

– Enjoy the year 2016 to the fullest with lots of traveling & enjoying life. #TurnerTalks – Mattia (@MBuetikofer)

 What’s been your goofiest moment on the job this year?

– My goofiest moment on the job this year could very well be the time I spent writing these tweets. #ineedlumosity #TurnerTalks – Alan (@DrDigiPol)

– @DrDigiPol is always a goofball overload – thank goodness. #TurnerTalks – Suzanne (@SuzTurner)

If you had the chance to debate a 2016 presidential candidate, who would it be and what would you ask?

– Hey, Mike Huckabee, how does recognizing equal rights on #LGBT issues infringe on religious liberty? #TurnerTalks – Violet (@Violet__T)

– @BernieSanders – if u want my vote tell us now how you’ll stop the shootings – get out of gun lobby’s clutches. #TurnerTalks – Suzanne (@SuzTurner)

– There are 3 presidential candidates I would love to debate: #RickPerry, #TedCruz & #RickPerry. #GOPoops #TurnerTalks – Alan (@DrDigiPol)

– @HillaryClinton: to be US prez assure #America @ClintonGlobal corporate ties won’t add to income inequality. #TurnerTalks – Suzanne (@SuzTurner)

– Bernie Sanders. And I would ask him how long it would take him to make all the changes he is promising. #TurnerTalks – Mattia (@MBuetikofer)

If you could pick the office mascot, what would it be?

– Honey Badger. #TurnerTalks – Sid (@sidbalman)

– A fluffy tequila bottle! #TurnerTalks – Mattia (@MBuetikofer)

– Mattia. No, srsly. #TurnerTalks – Suzanne (@SuzTurner)

– Our office mascot should be the Forget Me Not Pencil. #TurnerTalks – Alan (@DrDigiPol)

Forget me not pencil icon

Alan’s “Forget Me Not” Pencil Mascot


Have a safe a joyous holiday, everyone!