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Policy and Legislative Advocacy: 

Turner4D has extensive experience working with policy and legal advocacy organizations on a host of issues. Our work focuses on all phases of the process, from influencing the formation of legislation, to shaping the rulemaking process in the regulatory agencies, to supporting litigation efforts in the courts. Our work in the regulatory area is unparalleled, especially regarding the environment, health sciences, women’s health, and emerging technology. Our expertise is also deep in the areas of international development, foreign affairs, civil, women’s and human rights, corporate social responsibility and the legislative process.

Some of our policy and legislative advocacy clients include:


The Turner4D team is committed to serving the needs of non-profits working for social change. Whether your organization lacks the capacity to pursue all of its strategic and tactical goals or you just need a fresh perspective for a new project, Turner4D is the answer. From developing overarching communications strategy, to creating and implementing advocacy campaigns, to building out an enterprise social media program, we understand and know how to make these happen in the non-profit world. Our work in the non-profit arena is grounded in partnerships that protect the public interest. Our staff has extensive experience working within, consulting to, and reporting on non-profits and their work. Turner4D is tool agnostic – with broad expertise in everything from traditional media outreach to the building of online communities, from creating social media campaigns and programs to developing content management strategy. Our work is specifically focused on results. We are known for our effective work on human rights, women’s issues, environmental protection, international development, and social justice issues.

Some of our non-profit clients include:

Government and Multilateral Organizations: 

The Turner4D team has worked with several federal, state and municipal government agencies providing a broad range of services. We design marketing campaigns to promote new public policies; consult to members of Congress, state legislators, and local and municipal officials on constituent relation strategy; and provide media trainings to many government agencies and elected officials. We understand the stress and pressure that policymakers are under in order to make the right decision, and how those decisions affect the lives of citizens nationwide.  Finally, our team includes certified conflict resolution professionals and facilitators who bring clarity and focus to complicated social justice and environmental issues in communities throughout the nation.

Some of our government clients include:

Law Firms:

Turner4D understands the delicate balance that law firms must take when promoting their plaintiffs’ cases to the public. We have worked extensively in this area and are well acquainted with using the legal process to create news moments to turn potentially negative stories into positive pieces, to work closely with counsel and plaintiffs during tense and stressful times, and to get out in front of the story on social media. We will work closely with your firm’s in-house communications team to ensure frequent mentions in leading online and traditional legal publications, mobilize opinion leaders on social media to discuss your case, train your lawyers to use social media to support their own work, and position your firm’s lawyers among the “top lawyers” lists. Our role is to identify and manage the key influencers on your important cases and deepen your relationships with them. We create the appropriate strategy based on the needs of each firm’s particular case.

.Some of our legal clients include:


The Turner4D team has extensive experience designing and implementing campaigns that integrate with and support commercial marketing goals, strengthen relationships with customers and stakeholders, and build brand identity. In particular, we specialize in corporate social responsibility programs, which help create sustainable practices that exceed regulatory requirements and make meaningful philanthropic contributions to the markets they serve. We also have extensive experience working with businesses in various industries, especially in emerging technology. Our work includes creating new product brands out of a company’s body of work and communications strategies for IPOs.

Some of our business clients include: