Turner4D was founded in 2000 by refugees from large agencies and progressive organizations frustrated by the focus on the bottom line at the sacrifice of true societal change. We are intentionally a boutique firm – our size allows us to hand pick our clients based on our passion for their work.

From our inception we have evolved with the changing media landscape. Today the multiplicity of tools requires iron-clad strategic discipline. The question is not traditional media or which social media platform, but who needs to be moved and what will move them to your desired outcome most efficiently. This core planning is crucial to successful campaigns – as opposed to time and money wasted.

Our clients are scientists, non-profits, advocacy groups and companies. Together, we pass legislation, win litigation, navigate regulatory processes, build advocacy communities, inform and educate the public, move people to action, and change the world.

Join us to “carpe colloquium!” – seize the conversation! Using Turner’s 4D strategies it will be easier than you think.