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I am sitting in the lobby of the Algonquin Hotel in New York City where nearly 100 years ago (95 to be exact) the Algonquin Round Table gathered. The Algonquin Round Table was a celebrated group of New York City writers, critics, actors and wits including Dorothy Parker, Harpo Marx and others. They met daily here for lunch, exchanging the wit, commentary and ideas that helped launch many of them to national prominence. In its day, the Algonquin Round Table was, at its heart, a network of influentials who shared ideas with each other in one venue and then went on to share many of those same ideas with their broader networks elsewhere (via newspapers, magazines, film and stage). Ninety-five year later social media has become our new round table, albeit far more accessible. (Click to read the rest of this article)

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While last week I cautioned against using old frames of reference when discussing things that have been transformed by new technology, this week I want to highlight the exceptions, the veritable flip-side of the coin. Where in developed countries the smart phone has transformed the notion of a phone, in the least developed countries, the transformations are happening on a much slower rate. But it is happening. Mobile phones are changing the equation regarding how people in Sub-Saharan Africa, for example, connect with each other and with the internet. Though slower to start the transformation and doing so with fewer resources to spend, these countries are benefiting from the new mobile economy. Still, given the context, we should expect them to lag behind the developed countries as they transform at a slower rate. That is why we see reports that show the relatively slow rise of mobile finance, health and agricultural services. But while the statistics show it is happening more slowly, statistics do not tell the whole story.   (Click to read the rest of this article)

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Anyone of a certain age will remember the 1987 television commercial for Frusen Glädjé ice cream. A woman sits on the floor of her living room, having just finished an entire pint. When her husband walks in, she confesses, “I ate all the Frusen Glädjé.” She adds, with a smile: “And I’d do it again.” The narrator tells us to “enjoy the guilt.” Our nation’s response to the release of the executive summary of the Senate Select Committe on Intelligence’s report on torture follows pretty much the same script. Although it took too long to be released, was resisted too hard and remains too censored, we can be proud of a democratic process that has begun to open up this unflattering history for reflection and debate. Yet so far, neither Congress nor the administration has taken meaningful steps to punish those who acted wrongly, to make amends to those who were harmed or to close the loopholes that allowed these crimes to occur. In short, we’re not really sorry, and we would do it again. Click to read the rest of this article -Diana Ohlbaum, Principal at turner4D, is a contributor for The Hill. You can find her other publications for…

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turner4D (formerly Turner Strategies) a leading progressive public policy communications firm, seeks a Spring Intern starting immediately. Celebrating our 14th year, Turner has been at the forefront of national and international issues, such as equal pay, international development, reproductive rights and environmental issues to name a few. The ideal candidate will have a passion for progressive issues and an interest in acquiring hands-on experience in integrated communications and advocacy and campaign strategy working across all channels (online and offline).  Our firm’s mission is to help clients seize the conversation across online and traditional media channels to achieve their goals. This is no routine office internship. You will be working hand in hand with our senior team, making a meaningful contribution with day to day tasks and long term projects. Additionally, you will be assisting with Fem2.0, a project of turner4D.  Fem2.0 is a leading online feminist community showcasing new and emerging voices.  Community members explore issues affecting young people and women at the local, national, and international levels on our blog (fem2pt0.com) and our social media presences on Facebook (Fem2pt0) and Twitter (@Fem2pt0).  In fact, our #fem2 hashtag is one of the leading aggregators of feminist discussion on Twitter. The…

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In a recent column for The Washington Post, Jackson Diehl excoriates the Obama foreign policy for its “sloppy thinking” that there is no military solution to the key international challenges facing our country. “Political and military solutions are not mutually exclusive but intertwined; political solutions are often dictated by military conditions,” Diehl argues. He goes on to suggest that what’s harming our national security is the failure to take aggressive enough military action in Syria and Ukraine. But who’s doing the sloppy thinking here? Where is the evidence that more than a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan has brought us any closer to political solutions that can be sustained beyond the departure of U.S. forces? After spending over $1 trillion and deploying over 100,000 troops, are we any safer now? Click to read the rest of the article  -Diana Ohlbaum, Principal at turner4D, is a contributor for The Hill. You can find her other publications for The Hill in our blog  

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