Top book cover designer Chip Kidd has a lot to teach advocacy communicators in his new book “Judge This”. Just as activists have a nano second to emerge from competing issues to get people to click, donate, or volunteer, a book cover must instantly engage the eye from among hundreds of other titles. Kidd’s covers are designed with clarity and mystery in mind – express oneself concisely, then compel the potential reader with visuals that draw them into the story.  His covers catch your attention, then your curiosity takes the next step.  A broken lock, an open door, these little clues start the conversation.  What happens next? The book is pulled from the shelf, the Amazon link is clicked, the reader steps into the story to find out. We advocacy communicators rely too often on fear and facts to drive action.  How much more respect and engagement might mystery show for our audiences?  If you’d like to see, peruse these book covers in Kidds’ blog post.  Let us know if you get any ideas to communicate in more subtle – yet still effective – ways. Read his blog post here: “Judge This: The Power of First Impressions” by Chip Kidd [contact-form][contact-field label=’Name’…

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turner4D (formerly Turner Strategies) a leading progressive public policy communications firm, seeks a Spring Intern starting immediately. Celebrating our 14th year, Turner has been at the forefront of national and international issues, such as equal pay, international development, reproductive rights and environmental issues to name a few. The ideal candidate will have a passion for progressive issues and an interest in acquiring hands-on experience in integrated communications and advocacy and campaign strategy working across all channels (online and offline).  Our firm’s mission is to help clients seize the conversation across online and traditional media channels to achieve their goals. This is no routine office internship. You will be working hand in hand with our senior team, making a meaningful contribution with day to day tasks and long term projects. Additionally, you will be assisting with Fem2.0, a project of turner4D.  Fem2.0 is a leading online feminist community showcasing new and emerging voices.  Community members explore issues affecting young people and women at the local, national, and international levels on our blog (fem2pt0.com) and our social media presences on Facebook (Fem2pt0) and Twitter (@Fem2pt0).  In fact, our #fem2 hashtag is one of the leading aggregators of feminist discussion on Twitter. The…

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In a recent column for The Washington Post, Jackson Diehl excoriates the Obama foreign policy for its “sloppy thinking” that there is no military solution to the key international challenges facing our country. “Political and military solutions are not mutually exclusive but intertwined; political solutions are often dictated by military conditions,” Diehl argues. He goes on to suggest that what’s harming our national security is the failure to take aggressive enough military action in Syria and Ukraine. But who’s doing the sloppy thinking here? Where is the evidence that more than a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan has brought us any closer to political solutions that can be sustained beyond the departure of U.S. forces? After spending over $1 trillion and deploying over 100,000 troops, are we any safer now? Click to read the rest of the article  -Diana Ohlbaum, Principal at turner4D, is a contributor for The Hill. You can find her other publications for The Hill in our blog  

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the marshmallow test and how it relates to social media strategy. In particular, how does the balance between instant gratification and delayed satisfaction play out when trying to grow your Twitter audience? On the instant gratification side, there is the option to buy your Twitter followers. How often has someone followed you with a bio like this: “For $39.99, you can buy 50,000 followers.”  I am always struck by how few followers people selling followers usually have. Do they know something we should know? Do they know that the followers they are selling are newts?  (Click to read the rest of this article)  

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Back in the mid-90s, online advocacy was born. In its original incarnation, CTSG (Carol Trevelyan Strategy Group) was building custom applications to send email to Congress. Within a year or two (1996), Capitol Advantage launched CAPwiz, the first off-the-shelf online advocacy tool for organizations to create campaigns. These platforms, and the many competitors that followed, allow organizations to create mini campaigns websites that match activists ZIP codes to their Congressional district and allow them to send an email to their Senators and Representative with just a few clicks. Organizations can also pre-load the email text to make it easy to take action, and then use the built-in Constituent Relations Management (CRM) to create a targeted email list and send. (Click to read the rest of this article)

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