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Content curation — the art of gathering, repackaging and redistributing relevant, high quality information that advances an organization’s mission — has never been more essential than in today’s digital-driven world. To better understand curation, compare today’s digital content curator to a museum curator. Museum curators select artwork for an exhibit from among the museum’s own collection (often archived in the basement) and from borrowed collections; they decide which pieces to hang in each gallery; what order to hang them; how to each piece and the exhibit as a whole; and even how to market the exhibit.

Where content curation was once focused on aggregating content to populate websites, blogs and newsletters, today it also feeds our social media channels. And given social media’s real-time speed, the pace needed for effective content curation is accelerating. In order to meet this growing demand for speed, the curation tool market is exploding with new applications and web-based services that make it easier to find, reframe and republish content at breakneck speeds.

While everyone seems to focus on content curation shortcuts, turner4D helps you take a step back in order to re-engage strategically with your curation. Good curation requires old-school news judgment, persuasive communication skills and cutting-edge digital savvy to use any curation tool effectively. And it requires robust analytics to ensure that your tactics are effective for achieving your strategic goals. With one foot each in the analogue and digital worlds, the turner4D team is uniquely positioned to develop the effective content curation strategy you need.

With our deep experience in journalism, social media and strategic communications we can increase your brand visibility, improve your ability to persuade and raise awareness about your issues, establish and enhance your reputation for thought leadership, and develop strategies that work best to engage your audience. We start by learning what kind of content your company is already sharing. We identify your best online sources based on what you are already sharing and our deep-dive research into your issues. We take all this data and develop processes to sort, select and frame it so that when you share it effectively serves your mission, connecting with your audience and shaping their opinions and behavior to achieve your goals. Using a variety of analytics tools, we track your message and see where it succeeds and fails, adjusting the next round of messages to optimize its impact.

turner4D is tools agnostic, working with the tools you already have or helping to you find the best tools for your budget and needs. The following is a list of some of the tools available for content curation:






The Tweeted Times




ActionSprout’s Inspire


As well as directly using search and aggregation tools built into social media sites like Twitter (lists, hashtags and searches), Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and tumblr.

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