01 Jun / t4D Clips: DrDigiPol Scores 2 Press Hits Talking About the 2016 Election

The 2016 General Election is closing in and people are wondering what will happen. High on the list of questions circulating in the news this past week are 1) who will the VP nominees be? and 2) what role will Big Data play in the campaign? Our SVP of Digital Strategy Alan Rosenblatt weighed on both of these questions.

Regarding the VP nominees, USA Today‘s Paul Singer added a new installment to his GOP Power Rankings series with a special report on who his expert panel predicted for VP nominees. Among the 30 experts queried, our own Alan Rosenblatt suggested that Minnesota Sen. Al Franken would make an interesting choice for Hilary Clinton, because “he balances the ticket by adding an unforced sense of humor.” Senator Tim Kaine topped the list for Clinton and Senator Bob Corker was the top pick for Donald Trump.

Across the globe, the international edition of the China Post quotes Dr. Rosenblatt with respect to Trump’s need to embrace big data in the general election, “In the primaries, he (Trump) was only looking for Republican voters, and in the general he needs all voters. Unless he starts to be more sophisticated in how he targets his message, he’s not going to have a good sense of where he’s going to win and not win and where he should put his resources.”


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