With Valentine’s Day approaching, I was recently asked to share some insights about showing social love to your activists for Attentive.ly. Check it out:

Showing a little bit of social love to your activists is the secret sauce to keeping them engaged and likely to keep them doing more for your campaign.

While sometimes that may mean a retweet or a share of one of their posts, other times just liking a Facebook comment or a tweet is enough to elicit a smile from them.

That way, even if their post does not rise to the level of being share-worthy, you can simply like it to show your appreciation without adding their post to your timeline.

This is very important, because while it is always a best practice to reinforce social engagement, sharing/retweeting everyone who engages with you may dilute the effectiveness of your own timeline. Having the flexibility to show some love without diluting your impact is one of the greatest assets social media offers to any campaign.


To read more about showing social love for Valentine’s Day (and everyday) read the full blog post, featuring advice from other social media experts, on Attentive.ly.
Alan Rosenblatt, Ph.D. is Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy for turner4D, providing our clients with cutting edge strategy and training to help them build enterprise-level social media programs. Contact him at Alan@turner4D.com to learn more.