In the tradition of turner4D’s work building enterprise-level social media programs for news media outlets, think tanks and advocacy groups, we now have a fully developed service offering for universities, colleges and large academic units within them.

Our services include introductory and advanced social media training for faculty and strategic training for the school’s marketing team, as well as a fully articulated strategic plan. We believe that an enterprise-level social media program that integrates a school’s brand channels and the personal channels of its faculty is now an essential tool for turning good research into real policy solutions that get implemented.

By effectively coordinating social networking activities to raise the profile of the research and the general reputation of the school, universities and colleges can improve their recruitment and retention of students and faculty, as well as better position the school and its faculty as a “go-to interview” for the media and a more attractive recipient for research grants.

For more of our thinking about this, check out our Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy Alan Rosenblatt’s (@DrDigiPol) latest column at