Regardless of the project we work on here at turner4D, whether it leverages social, digital, earned, paid or any combination of these media, our goal is conversion. We always work with our clients to find out what their end goal is and develop strategy and tactics to get them there.

In the spirit of prioritizing conversion to success, my latest column on Social Media Today is all about how Donald Trump is advancing the use of social media to convert voters into votes for The Donald. Historically, campaign consultants always evaluate tactics based on how many votes they can generate. Door knocking, phone banking, robo-calls and kissing babies are all justified based on their ability to generate votes for the candidate.

While we still do not know the exact conversion rate for turning social media touches into votes, clearly the tactics works. Just look at how weak Donald Trump’s ground game has been so far and how successful he was in Iowa and New Hampshire and you will see that the conversion factor is real.

For more of my thinking on converting social media touches to votes, read my full column on Social Media Today. Read more…


Alan Rosenblatt, Ph.D., is Senior Vice President of Digital Affairs, turner4D